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Do you have lame cows?




Almost every farm has a story of a cow that seems to always be lame. "she goes lame, I give her some antibiotics and she comes good, then next month she's lame again..."

Its a very common story we hear. 90% of lameness cases we see are structural injuries. Treating the cows with antibiotics will help the immediate infection, but the structural lesion remains.

Having us treat the lame cow with structural injuries will result in a correctly treated cow that will have no drugs used and no milk with hold.


If you don't measure it, you cant manage it. Has this cow been trimmed before? If so, when? Was there anything wrong with her then?

With Hoof Supervisor recording, we can see the animals trim history as soon as she walks into the chute.

In almost all cases, when a type of lesion is significantly higher percentage than others, there is a reason for it.

Once we see a pattern forming, we consult with the farmer about what is causing the lameness and work with them to find a solution.

This solution can be as simple as training staff on stock movement, or putting some rubber matting down at the dairy exit.


We have saved farmers thousands of dollars through consultation alone.


We use Appleton Steel hoof trimming chutes. Quality, efficiency and comfort are why Appleton Steel’s upright hydraulic hoof trimming chutes are the top choice of hoof trimming professionals around the world.

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Happy customers

"Hi Shayne, just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the job you did on the heifers. We will be getting you back next season!" JH Cohuna


"Those bulls worked perfectly this season, not a lame one at all. Thanks mate!" FK Kerang


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